#G2PT130 – 130º Geek Girls Portugal – Lisboa

Our next meetup will happen on May 15, with the support of GapStars.

We’ll do a new roundtable, this time to try to answer the question “What is Quality?”.

For that, we invited three fantastic women, with different roles within the team of Software Development to help us understand what is quality at the end.

There are lot of talks and ideas about what is Quality of a Software, of a Product… but what it means quality to a Head of QA, to a Frontend Software Engineer and to a Manager?

That’s what we’ll find out on May 15!

Our Guests

We would like to introduce to you our specialists for this roundtable, that gently accepted the invitation for this conversation and to help us to understand what is quality.

All of them are leaders and promote quality on their daily tasks and within their teams and we can assure that they know a lot about their work areas. But you probably don’t who they are.

For that, we asked them to share a short presentation (and we believe you’ll get even more interested to be in the roundtable audience on May 15!!)

The challenges and growth opportunities in QA captivated me, leading me to establish a QA community called QualityTalks where act as an organizer, mentor and sometimes speaker. Being Head of QA, I love building strategy to deliver quality products to the customer while investing time in strong and motivated teams. Also, driven by a thirst for knowledge and new challenges, I actively invest time in exploring diverse topics and skills, such as personal finance, dancing or pursuing a degree in Mathematics.

Mónica strongly believes that people are unique and shouldn’t be put in boxes. As a developer, teacher and mentor, she tries to live by this ethos every day. Her journey started in marine biology, but in 2018, she decided to pursue a career in technology. Currently Mónica is helping build a better internet as a Frontend Product Engineer at Cloudflare

I’m Verena, a Product Designer at Legal.mart, a legal tech startup based in Brazil. With 2 years of experience in UX/UI/Product Design, I’m continuously learning and evolving in this dynamic field connecting with my background in architecture and teaching.

At Legal.mart, I’ve found my passion in leveraging technology to empower Brazilian citizens to access their legal rights. From conducting research to crafting intuitive designs and testing, I’m involved in every product development phase. Outside work, I reside in Cascais with my husband and our wonderful 9-year-old twin girls, who keep life exciting and joyful.

So, do not miss this opportunity to learn from these women, to interact with them and learn from them.

As always, the registration is mandatory! There are limited seats, so grab yours now!