G2PT132 – 132º Geek Girls Portugal – Porto

This event will be held in English and we will have two speakers from Critical Manufacturing.

We will meet Rechana Jyothish who will talk about how can we “Embrace the diversity for the woman in you”, sharing her story as an Indian woman who moved to other places and how important diversity and inclusion are for the company’s success.

Then, we will have Susana Silva sharing with us “The Mission of Critical Manufacturing’s MES”, presenting the main goals of MES implementation and how the team roles contribute to success, enabling Customers worldwide to add value to everybody’s life by improving and securing their processes.

The event is free, but it’s mandatory to sign in because we have limited seats.



10:30 – Light breakfast

10:45 – Welcome by Geek Girls Portugal

11:15 – “Embrace the diversity for the woman in you” – Rechana Jyothish

11:45 – “The Mission of Critical Manufacturing’s MES” – Susana Silva

12:15 – Meet Critical Manufacturing – Sara Serra and Joana Faria

12:30 – Lunch

14:00 – End